Career technical education (CTE) pathways

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Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education courses integrate core academic knowledge with technical and occupational skills to provide students with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers. This program of study uses a hands-on approach to learning and offers training toward workplace competencies.

What Do Our Kids Need To Know? How Do We Get There?

Students need to recognize and develop their interests and skills to prepare them for a global workforce. Students must be able to access resources, process information, and think dynamically in order to become confident, effective communicators and life-long learners.

Career Pathways supports and develops programs to provide students with the necessary skills for tomorrow’s workforce. We present cutting edge technology and introduce students to both traditional and non-traditional careers, teaching life skills that lead to success after high school. Our staff continually updates their skills, vocabulary, and experiences in the world of work. We strive to maintain the human connection in curriculum and new technologies.

To give students an optimal learning experience, LCC partners with many local businesses and community members. The real-life application of learning is essential to achieving our goal.

Complete a pathway in an area of interest , continue exploring these pathways after high school, and build a career!

Career Technical Education (CTE) is a state-wide program designed to ensure students are college and career ready when they graduate from high school. LCC offers seven pathways that build transferable professional skills through project-based learning aligned with industry standards and core content. Courses are sequenced so that students build on prior knowledge and work toward advanced coursework in their capstone class. Our pathways are designed with industry input and focus on rigorous, relevant and real-world learning. By integrating innovative instruction, vertically aligned courses, and transferable professional skills, those who complete our pathways leave high school ready for their future in college and beyond.

To complete a pathway, students must pass at least two courses within the pathway, including the capstone. Some pathways offer additional enrichment courses for students who are looking to increase their skills or broaden their experience.

The benefits of being in a pathway include:

● Access to real-world learning that helps connect core academics to industry applications

● Access to updated technology, facilities, and tools that enable students to apply their knowledge in meaningful and creative ways.

● Completers are better prepared for college and career thanks to rigorous, relevant coursework, work-based learning experiences, and contact with the professional world.

● Courses are infused with essential professional skills including interviewing techniques, resume building, labor market research, and interpersonal skills CTE pathways help students connect their core academics with their personal interests, skills, and creativity. Our pathway students feel more connected to their academics, and are more driven and focused when they get to college and enter the workforce.

SDUHSD Career Program Presentation 2022

"Every enterprise has to become a learning institution and a teaching institution.

Organizations that build in continuous learning in jobs will dominate the twenty-first century." - Peter Drucker