introduction: introduction to business

Course Description: Designed for Freshman and Sophomores looking to explore the business world, this course covers leadership styles and economics, personal finance and soft skills, while providing a background in business. A popular elective for anyone contemplating the wonderful world of Business, students will engage with their peers, business professionals, and their community to actively practice the 21st Century skills of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking. Coursework includes Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management, Finance, and an introduction to the Stock Market.

concentration: marketing

Course Description: Marketing is a dynamic elective popular with those students wishing to explore the creative, ever-changing world of business. With a focus on real life business situations, Marketing gives the potential business major a behind-the-scenes look at what really happens in our economy. Upon completion of the course, the student will have the capabilities to practice and understand basic Marketing principles that include advertising, promotional strategies, public relations and publicity, consumer behavior and promotional ethics. Use of shows like Shark Tank and websites such as and Advertising Age give up-to-date looks at entrepreneurs and today’s business climate. The course combines problem-solving instruction, hands-on projects utilizing computer applications, speakers from the community, case studies, and simulations.

capstone: advanced business management

Course Description: Today's changing economy requires creative, resourceful and visionary students. This course picks up where the Introduction to Business and Marketing classes left off. This Capstone class invites students to apply their Business knowledge to projects and case studies, as well as an in-depth look at today’s business environment. Students will use their developing leadership skills to: run a business through our collaboration with Junior Achievement Company Program; learn the history and theories of business management; participate in business role-play scenarios, and hear from some professional industry leaders. Students will get exposure to business websites like,, Advertising Age, Business Week, Yahoo Finance and the Wall Street Journal. Students will refine presentation skills through class presentations, professional pitches, and community interactions. Software & languages that may be used: Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Google docs.

ENRICHMENT: internship (TBD)

Course Description: This course is not currently running at LCC but we hope to have it in the future!


Articulation: Mira Costa Community College Business Courses: 120, 132, 130

Work Based Learning Opportunities: Various activities and opportunities for WBL.

CTE Standards:


Instructor: Dwayne Buth

Contact Information:

Qualifications: Teaches Marketing & Adv. Business Management


Instructor: Laura McCormick

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Qualifications: Teaches Intro to Business


Instructor: Casey Belitz

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Qualifications: Teaches Intro to Business & Adv. Business Management