Professional Theater

Pathway Overview

The Performing Arts pathway focuses on the direct creation of art and entertainment by the individual artist instead of through a secondary physical medium. Performing artists are themselves the medium of creative expression.

Concentration: INTRO to Professional theater

Course Description:

This is the foundation course of the Professional Theater Pathway. Within a collaborative setting, students will study improvisation and theater games, movement exercises, improvisation, scene study, monologue work, public speaking, acting for theater and film, stage combat, dramatic and sketch comedy writing. This course is designed for all students, ranging from those who have participated in theater previously to those who have never stepped onto the stage. Because actor training is also life training, students will enhance their interpersonal and soft skills while collaborating to create complete productions. The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction into professional theater. This course is conducted in a playful, encouraging, and collaborative atmosphere which facilitates peer bonding and growth in a student’s sense of empathy. Students are expected to learn a wide array of theatrical performance and aesthetics concepts which allows them an opportunity to discover a place in theater where they could commit to a study of greater depth. This course is designed for all students, regardless of previous experience.

This course includes guest artists (professional actors and directors) who come to the classroom to teach in their fields of expertise.


Course Description:

Intermediate Professional Theater is the second-year, capstone course in the Professional Theater pathway. The course progresses through theater history in a performance driven, collaborative manner. Students explore a vast breadth of theatrical styles, ranging from the foundation of theater in storytelling and Shakespeare to contemporary theater, musical theater, and film. Based on personal interest, students may narrow their exploration to either musical theater or standard theater. Foundational principles of actor training are combined with advanced techniques such vocal training, character development, and heightened-language text analysis. Students are expected to engage in a greater academic study of theater by exploring various genres. They will discover connections between theater and world history by analyzing how the two influence one another. This course prepares students for college and professional work in theater by teaching them a variety of performance styles.

ENRICHMENT: advanced professional theater

Course Description:

Advanced Professional Theater is an enrichment course in the Professional Theater pathway. This course emphasizes the creative process and creation of original work. Inspired by influential theater troupes, writers, and theorists, students gain college-level understanding of theater craft by writing and performing various theatrical genres. Areas of focus are based on student interest and range from stand up comedy and musical theater to one-person shows and screenwriting. This course includes college and career preparation, such as guest speakers, collaboration with community theater programs and preparation of audition materials.

Advanced Professional Theater is designed for students interested in creating original work. Inspired by the work of theater and film’s greatest practitioners, students will be challenged to surpass their expectations by bringing their ideas to fruition. Students are expected to complete an original work based on their specific interest. The course culminates in the presentation of each student’s project.

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Instructor(s): Brad Golden

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