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child development

Pathway Overview

INTRODUCTION: Child development

Course Description: This introductory course is designed to introduce students to the field of child development. Students will learn about children's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development as well as how to provide for their care and guidance. Activities will include hands-on creation of children's learning stations, creating toys, writing and designing children's books, and interacting with children of various ages on field trips to local childcare settings. Topics of study include conception, prenatal development, genetics, health and safety, guidance and discipline, cultural diversity, child abuse and neglect, and more. Students can also receive Red Cross Babysitter training leading to certification. This course provides a solid foundation for any career that involves working with children and leads to the Teaching & Learning course in the Education Pathway. No transportation required; appropriate for 9-12 graders.

10 Practical Arts Credits / UC & CSU Approved Elective "g" Credit

Concentration: teaching & learning 1

Course Description: This work-based concentration course is designed to give students experience working with children in supervised K-6 elementary classrooms. Students will travel to local elementary schools on an almost daily basis. They will work closely with a local elementary school teacher-mentor to gain hands-on experience in many aspects of educating children in the classroom. Students will plan lessons, teach in small groups, be a role model to young children, work one-on-one with children, supervise play, assist teachers with various teaching related duties, and lead activities with the children in the classroom. This course is a great foundation experience for anyone interested in working with children in any capacity after high school. Transportation or walking required.

  • 10 Practical Arts Credits / UC & CSU Approved Elective "g" Credit

ENRICHMENT: teaching & learning 2

Course Description: In this enrichment course, students apply and further the knowledge and work-based skills acquired in Teaching and Learning 1 to this higher level field based course. Partnering with mentor teachers in local elementary schools in the district, students participate in real-world educational experiences in the elementary classroom throughout the academic year. Using their prior knowledge and work based experience in T&L 1, students further analyze and demonstrate their understanding of educational theories and practices, classroom management strategies, child development stages, and instructional practices through college-level textbook activities, teacher mentorship, and field experiences. In collaboration with mentor teachers, students will build upon lesson plan elements learned in T&L 1 to plan and deliver lengthier and more involved lessons to elementary students; plans will be directly related to current educational concepts being studied in this class. Students explore post-secondary education and career options via coursework and information provided by various guest speakers from the educational community. Students will demonstrate understanding of various career options via research and presentations to classmates.



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janet berend

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  • BA in Literature - UCSD

  • Single Subject English Teaching Credential - UCSD

  • Home Economics/CTE Authorization - State of California

terri storch

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  • BA in Family & Consumer Educ. - Univ. of Wisconsin Stevens Point

  • MA in Educ Leadership - Marian College, Wisconsin

  • Home Economics Teaching Credential - California

  • CTE Credential in Food Service & Education - California